Kaman Cheung 

MIFA, MNAHA, L’école USHA VEDA level III, Preferred therapist (S4OM)

Teacher for Kicozo Institute, the Netherlands

張嘉雯 英國香薰治療師學會會員 美國整全香薰學會會員

英國腫瘤科醫院癌症護理輔助療法(香薰)文憑 美國腫瘤按摩學會首選治療師


Kaman has started her journey in using essential oils for cancer and palliative care from renowned experts Rhiannon Lewis in the UK and Madeleine Kerkhof in the Netherlands. Kaman then completed aromatherapy for cancer care study and internship in a hospital in the UK.

She further develops her skills in oncology massage in the US and now a preferred therapist of the Society for Oncology Massage.

Kaman provides service in Haven of Hope Causeway Bay Medical Centre (靈實銅鑼灣醫療中心) . By cooperation with a non-governmental organization, she offers service to people in end-of-life stage under ‘Hospice in Family’ project.

Kaman is teacher for Kicozo, the Knowledge Institute of Complementary (Nursing) Care in the Netherlands, she is passionate to shares her knowledge to patients, caregivers, and aromatherapists through regular classes, talks, and workshops.

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Master Degree in Journalism. The Chinese University of Hong Kong